La Location


The real quest
is the search for beauty.
Mario Botta

The Spazio Davide Campari is located in Sesto San Giovanni, where Davide Campari built the first Campari factory in 1904, now transformed into the Galleria Campari and framed by the new Campari Group Headquarters: a signature building designed by architects Mario Botta and Giancarlo Marzorati.

The recovery of the Art Nouveau building – which, until 2005, housed the industrial production of the famous Bitter – in fact became the Galleria Campari in 2010: an interactive and experiential space that, offering continuity and a new lease of life to the remarkable artistic and promotional heritage of Campari and Campari Soda, recounts the extraordinary intertwining of art and business that has long characterised the history of Campari.

The Spazio Davide Campari Space covers over 2,000 square metres and is characterised by the multi-functionality and flexibility of the structures, making it possible to host a variety of events designed to suit the client’s requirements. It comprises: La Lobby, La Terrazza, Campari Gallery, Campari Academy and the Villa Campari Restaurant – all spaces that can be customised according to the needs of the event to be staged, in a setting steeped in history and culture.