Campari Convention 2014

Never ending passion: 2014 kicks off as usual, with the Davide Campari S.p.A. Business Unit Italy Convention.
The Campari Group Headquarters played host to a two day workshop in a striking and personalised setting, with a sensory journey and surroundings, which delighted the entire audience. The use of technology enhanced the dynamic aspect and clearly expressed the concept of passion, which is the life blood and energy driving the company, as well as the Convention’s main theme.

The direction and artistic management made possible the presentation of new products, which the Campari group will launch on the market in 2014. In an ideal amphitheatre, featuring an impressive set; a series of speakers chose to enhance their participation with performances, eminent guests, decor and videos. The resulting pleasant and lively atmosphere benefitted the attentive Sales Team audience, giving the convention with a quick and dynamic edge, which was both highly efficient and ultimately elegant.

For the evening, a swift change of scene took place to accommodate the final of the first Campari Barman Competition, bringing the leading figures of Italian mixology head to head on stage.

As usual, the evening’s cocktails were prepared by the talented Planet One bartenders.

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