La Lobby

› 1,000 sqm › suitable for big events

La Lobby is a parterre of over 1,000 sqm, with a vaulted ceiling featuring lamellar wooden beams, granite floors and large windows that can be completely covered, overlooking the park.
As well as being usable as a single environment, this space can be customised for smaller events or divided into several areas for the staging of various moments within a single event. La Lobby is ideal for conventions, dinners and in general, events of various kinds both great and small.

La Terrazza

› 154 sqm › for events and exhibitions

La Terrazza, accessible from both La Lobby and from the Galleria Campari, is a space of 154 sqm, ideal for small events, exhibitions, coffee breaks or standing lunches.

Galleria Campari

› 354 sqm › events

The ground floor (354 sqm) of the Galleria Campari, a space given over to the evocative narration of the history of the brand, is accessible for the organisation of events.