› guided tour

Galleria Campari is an interactive and multimedia company museum dedicated to the relationship between the Campari brand and its promotion through art and design, its history and the evolution of the product and the bar world. The Gallery offers the chance to organise exclusive guided tours for the participants of the event or meeting.

› Experiential paths and team building 

Campari Academy is the academy of Campari Group in which to learn the art of bartending; a place where the expertise and experience of 160 years of history are at the service of those who come from all over the world to learn about a culture made up of great skill, technical knowledge and creativity. Complete with eight equipped bar counters, Campari Academy is the ideal space for training courses, experiential itineraries and customised team-building events revolving around the world of drink-mixing.

› Dinners, lunches and coffee breaks › up to 150 places

In the nineteenth-century mansion once known as Villa Casa Alta and for decades home to the old Campari factory, Villa Campari now houses a restaurant in an elegant and modern setting.